Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Korres Shadows: Review on a Sephora Deal

I swear, I am the biggest sucker for a deal. Just a few days after seeing the Benefit kits, I find out that Sephora had put their Korres shadows on sale. Damn you, weekly specials!

Their description says that they provide antiaging benefits (I doubt it, but good marketing) and are made with natural ingredients. That second bit was what I was really interested in. I’ve been getting more and more critical about the stuff I put on my skin, and these seemed like they were good on that front. They are made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, petro-chemicals, or GMO. Sounded good.

I was also curious about the shadows from them since I have liked a few of their lip products for awhile; but at $16 each and with very mixed reviews, I could deal with staying curious. However, the six shades they had left went down to $6 each. So I ordered 5 of them.

Korres shadows
22S Orange, 34S Golden Brown, 64S Pink

Korres shadows2
55 Metallic Grey, 14 Ivory

Truthfully, my feelings are really mixed, and I’m disappointed in Korres. Mixed because some of their quality is excellent and some are very poor, and disappointed because a brand with this name and reputation should be much more consistent.

I now completely understand why the reviews are so mixed – it all comes down to which shade you happen to buy.

Ivory – I promise, a definite attempt was made to swatch this, but the color just will not catch (no, it’s not just blending into my skin). It does give a sheen similar to a facial highlighter if packed on enough, but that’s it. I would be majorly peeved if I’d paid $16 for this.

Metallic Grey – This is a very pretty color that reads taupe on my skin. Although nice, I did have to build it up a bit to get this coverage. It’s not bad for this price, but still not what I would have expected from them.

Pink – Even though this is definitely pink in the pan, it reads more like a soft white on my skin with lots of frost. If you want this to get a pink lid – it won’t work. It almost disappears when light is not hitting it. This will work as a nice inner corner highlight though. Again, no good for $16, but not bad for $6.

Golden Brown – This is the only one that justified its price tag to me. The swatch represents one swipe. It feels very smooth and is nicely pigmented. I’d rank this up there with my Urban Decay shadows. All 5 of these should be like this.

Orange – Like Metallic Grey, it’s a very pretty color, but required quite a bit of building up. I’d call it more of a warm gold with touches of pink than ‘orange’. It does have a strong orange-gold sheen to it though. It reminds me of MAC’s melon pigment with a touch less pink.

Overall, the only one that I can wholeheartedly suggest is the Golden Brown. Absolutely skip Ivory, and the other three depend on how you feel about the shades themselves and about having to build them.

Before I ordered these, I did try to find good swatches of each color, but most hadn’t been reviewed (at least not that I could find), so I was ordering on faith. If I order more of their shadows in the future, I will have to be able to find a good swatch before I put down money now that I know how inconsistent they are.

I hope this helps someone else who is interested in trying these out but couldn’t find swatches. Fingers crossed for the power of the internet!


  1. Ahh, good to know! This is so helpful! I'm always tempted by those weekly deals but it's not worth it for us in Canada to order online (we have to order $125 minimum for free delivery). I've read positive reviews on Korres skincare and face makeup, but I don't remember ever coming across a positive shadow review.

  2. Reductionista: Glad I could help! I went through the reviews on the Sephora site, and that's where they were coming up so varied. I also found some outside reviews that praised their shadows, but they talked about different shades than these.

    And that's crazy on Canadian shipping! If it was like that here I would never get it for free!


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