Monday, March 21, 2011

Rimmel Quad in Smokey Brun: Review and Swatches

This is another one of those items that I purchased per a recommendation from a beauty vlogger. I don’t hate this shadow quad, but I can’t give it the same glowing review.

These are actually the first Rimmel eyeshadows I have ever tried. I walk past the stand every time I go through a drugstore makeup section, but nothing about their colors or packaging had ever caught my attention.

But then this vlogger said this was one of her favorite shadow quads, so I had to check it out.

Rimmel 002 Smokey Brun



The combination seems to be a good one – a light beige for inner corner highlighting, a champagne for the lid, and both a golden and dark brown for adding dimension or smudging out liner.

With excellent quality, it could have been almost perfect for a neutrals girl. If only…

The shadows have a very dry texture and aren’t very pigmented at first go.

To illustrate, I’ve done a ‘one swipe swatch’ meaning I only dipped into the product one time, and then did what I could with it.


Not very good.

However, unlike some poorly pigmented shadows, these can be built up. After some building -


As a note, the lightest shade is another one of those highlight shades that only make an appearance when the light hits it. It’s more about the sheen than the color. The second lightest shade is also not as well represented in the photo as I would like. It’s a pretty color, but it’s a little too close to my skin tone, so it’s pulling a vanishing act in the picture.

Obviously the pigment needed for good color payoff has been included in the shadow (or else it would be almost impossible to build), but I think the texture of the shadows is what kills it. If the shadow formula worked in more moisture to make them softer, they might work very well and I could give them a glowing review.

As they are though, you will have to really dig your brush into them to get enough product for application – even with a solid primer. I’m also unsure of how well they would perform on darker skin tones. Being so fair, it’s not difficult to get most colors to show up well on me, but I can’t swear that these will be able to be built up enough to really show on darker skin.

Overall, they’re just alright. I have used this a few times and can get a look from it that I am happy enough with to keep it in my collection. However, I doubt I’ll purchase any other Rimmel shadows unless I’m told their formulation has been improved.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have a Rimmel shadow trio that's been neglected almost since the day I bought it. I found the quality to be so-so like you said and also won't be purchasing their shadows again. The browns look so well-coordinated, though.

  2. Liz: I was dissapointed. With good quality, this quad could have been perfect :(


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