Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes (or No?) to Carrots

You ladies know from past posts that I’m getting more interested in the ingredients used in my beauty products, so I was quite pleased when I found a couple of Yes to Carrots products on sale at Target.

  The two products I picked up were the Carrot Rich Moisturizing Body Scrub and the Eye Contour Cream.

I’d heard good things about some of the products from the Yes to… lines (though nothing about these specific products), but I was reluctant to pay the price to try them out.

With prices like $15 for the eye cream and $10 for the scrub, it seemed steep for something you’d purchase at Target, but I thought the $3.74 and $2.48 I found them for respectively was a perfect chance give them a go.

I’m really glad I found them on sale…

The Scrub

This is meant to act as a physical exfoliant with little, rough ‘beads’ in the cream. I’m not positive what the ‘beads’ are made of, but from glancing through the ingredients list, I would guess silt. They are certainly large and rough enough to give a good scrub to the skin. The problem is that there aren’t enough of them… They are so sparse within the cream that you’ll know they are there, but they really won’t touch most of your skin.

On top of that, despite all the moisturizing ingredients, I didn’t notice any difference in how moisturized my skin actually felt. In an attempt to find a way to use it, I tested it out like a body wash, but the product does not foam at all. It almost felt like trying to use a thick lotion as a soap. Though I’m not counting against it for this at all, I’m disappointed that I can’t find a beneficial use for it. No good. I have been squeezing some onto my shower poof along with shower gels for the psychological benefit of feeling like I’m not wasting the product, but it really does nothing for me.

The Eye Cream



I have combination/dry skin, and one of the dryer bits is always the area on top of my cheekbones and up towards my temples. I manage to keep it pretty well in check with a current skincare routine, but I’m always up for trying something new. You never know when you’ll find something better, right?

Firstly, I have to say that this stuff is extremely heavy. When I think of eye creams and treatments, I generally think of serums or very thin creams that can quickly sink into skin rather than a thicker one that will sit on the surface. The feel reminds me more of something I’d use on knees and elbows than something for the face. The directions actually say to use it morning and night, but I absolutely cannot imagine wearing something this heavy under makeup, so I only implemented it into the night routine.
Unsurprisingly, it felt heavy on my skin, too. A large part of this was due to that, despite a good portion of it seeming to soak in, it left a sort of film behind. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling cream I’d used, but maybe it would help hold the moisturizing ingredients in the skin to do their job better? Strangely enough, after using this for a couple of weeks, my skin started to feel drier… Really? If anything, my skin should be breaking out like crazy from this stuff.

And another thing…

I’m not normally one to harp on packaging, but something about this really rubbed me the wrong way. The jar itself is as large as the palm of my hand – pretty big for an eye cream. But take a look at it when open -


Look how wide the packaging around the product itself is! That is absolutely ridiculous. If someone says that it’s made that way in order to protect the product itself from something (doubt it), then I’ll take back my criticism; but if it’s to give the illusion of more product… I feel that’s a bit misleading, and it’s a waste of materials. Don’t natural lines tend to be environmentally conscious?

After a bit of measuring and some quick math, about 59% of the counter space that this jar will take up is due to the packaging – not the product. Yes, the packaging must take up some space, but over half?! Humph.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed and probably won’t purchase anything else from them unless I see rave reviews on a specific product.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Anything I should look at or make sure to avoid?


  1. I've been so curious about these "YES TO" stuff, especially when one particular YTer kept talking them up. But they are pretty steep for drugstore prodz and I decided to bypass them. So glad I did after reading this! They have a new line called Yes to Blueberries (eyeroll) coming out... it's gimmicky and cute, but in the end, just middle of the line, it seems.

    I think you'd really like Ole Henriksen eye creams. I love mine despite the rest of the line not working out for other areas of my face.

  2. Liz: I was really disappointed. I suppose it's possible that these are the reject products from the line, and that's why they were on sale, but still - they shouldn't have offered this little benefit. They're too pricey for me to be willing to randomly try pieces from them, so I'll be waiting for specific good reviews!

    I've never heard anyone mention that line. I'll have to give it a look!


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