Friday, April 15, 2011

Birch Box 2–April Edition

Take two! If you missed out on my first Birch Box experience, you can check it out here.

And now for the new things.

Juice Beauty, Green Apple Peel (Sample Worth: $11.25)
I was so excited to get this! I’ve been hearing things here and there for a few months, but at $45 for the full-size, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw down the money for something I have no experience with. Now I get to see what the hype is about! (And can we just mention that I got my money’s worth for the box with just this product?)

Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment (Sample Worth: $3.15)
I haven’t heard anything about this, but I’m happy to get to try something else from the brand.

LIV GRN, Earth Eau de Parfum (Approximate Sample Worth: $.88)
The product description card says this is made from biodegradable, sustainable ingredients including jasmine and sandalwood. I’ve never heard of this either, but always the perfume junkie I’m always up for trying something new.

Weleda, Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion (Sample Worth: $4.76)
I saw a few other girls’ Birch Boxes before I received mine, and it seems I got this in place of a lotion from LaVanila. Though I was looking forward to the lotion, I’ve actually eyed this line of products many times in-store, but at $28, it’s also pretty expensive just to try. I’m excited to use this, and I always love something that smells of roses.

Zoya, Dove (Sample Worth: $4)
Watching others’ Boxes, I also saw that everyone seemed to be getting Caitlin or Jules. If you saw my recent Zoya acquisitions post, you know why I was really hoping to get Jules! Color me surprised when I got a whole different shade. At first I was a tad disappointed because Jules looked so pretty, but after holding the swatch for it (they sent a swatch card for the Intimate collection) I saw that the color may not have looked amazing with my skin. Dove, though, is lovely and will probably make a perfect light grey for me.

The extra was a Bloomin, Seed Paper
It’s the pink square in the top left of the photo. It’s paper infused with wildflower seeds. So you plant the paper, and it blooms. I’ve seen ideas like this a few times before, usually in product packaging. A quick look at their site showed that they’ll do multiple different types of printing (think invitations, cards, even wrapping paper) so it really is a charming idea if you want something a little different.

Total box value: $24.04
Paid: $10

I think money well spent.
*Sample worths were calculated based on the weighted unit prices of the full-sized items. The LIV GRN is approximate because the sample measure was not included, so I had to estimate the size of the sample based on other perfume samples I have.


  1. OMG, this is an awesome box! I hate that Birch Box doesn't deliver to Canada. We have an equivalent service called Loose Button or something but I don't like their offerings as much. I'll wait until they improve.

    Don't get scared by the redness or slight stinging that the Juice peel might bring about! :)

  2. I'm wondering if Birch Box will add Canada since a lot of people have been very vocal about wanting it. Or hopefully Loose Button steps up their game!


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