Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bring In the Brights– China Glaze’s Towel Boy Toy

We’re officially into Spring, the weather is warming up (at least on some days), and it’s time to work those bright colors back into rotation. I’m not really one to rock the bright shades, so I typically only dabble in them in the smallest way possible – nail polish.

One polish that somehow managed to work its way into my collection – probably a combination of internet shopping and impulse buying – is China Glaze’s Towel Boy Toy.  It’s a gorgeous, bright blue that would really be more appropriate to wear for a tropical vacation than sitting at a desk. But it’s been staring up at me for months from my polish rack, so I had to give it a try.



Strangely, I think it works. Obviously it is very bright, but I like it.

It did take three coats for opacity, but each coat of this dried very fast.  I was also playing with one of my new Zoya polishes when I did these, and I had finished all three coats of this in the time it took one coat of the Zoya to dry.

However… There are some definite negatives.

Even when the color was opaque, I still had a visible nail line in some light (you can see it some in the photo).

The biggest problem, though, was the wear. TBT dries to almost matte (I thought it was slightly more reflective than a true matte). Because of this, I could not apply a top coat unless I wanted to hide its finish. On its own, it lasted a day before beginning to chip. So I guess this will be relegated to the collection that is broken out to be used on specific occasions and then taken off at the end of the day.

So ending thoughts – I think it’s fun. It will never make its way into normal rotation for me, but it makes for a quick manicure and will be nice to break out every now and then for a pop of brightness. Only for a day though.


  1. Pow, that's bright! Where are my sunglasses? I love a good blue. It looks like an awesome shade for summer.

  2. Haha it definitely is bright. It'll never be a go-to color, but definitely fun every now and then.

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