Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready for Summer! Zoya’s Rica

I did a post on my first ever Zoya purchases, and finally got a chance to try one out. Choosing which to go for first was honestly a hard decision. I contemplated trying out Caitlin first, but after Towel Boy Toy, I thought I’d keep going with the bright, summery colors.

Zoya’s Rica


I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of pinks, but Rica is more of a coral. And can we talk about the amount of gold shimmer going on in this? It’s gorgeous and reminds me a bit of a sunset.

Application and Texture

The brush size is neither very big nor very small. It’s very close to the size of a China Glaze polish brush. The polish itself is medium consistency. I had no issues with it running or applying too thickly. In terms of both aspects, the polish lies at a nice middle ground.
As a Zoya newbie, a big concern was that with all that shimmer, I’d have to slather on multiple coats of a top coat to smooth it out. As beautiful as shimmer can be, I don’t think any of us want that sand paper feel that some of them leave behind. To my surprise, this dried almost perfectly smooth! I still don’t know how it’s possible. I’m convinced black magic is involved.

Drying Time/Lasting Time

I do have to say that it seemed like this took a bit longer to dry than some of my other polishes. With some of my nails needing three coats for perfect coverage, this did take a bit of patience. However, I feel like this is made up for my the lasting power. This stuff went strong for a week (with no top coat) before it started to show tip wear. I know I’ve read that the faster a polish dries, the shorter its wear life and the slower it dries, the longer. I can’t swear how true that is, but this does seem to support the idea.


The other thing I was concerned about was how long it would take to remove it. Along with leaving a gritty texture, intense glitters tend to be a huge pain to remove. Foil wraps, anyone? But again, to my surprise this barely took more effort to remove than a cream polish.

Final Thoughts

I am truly beyond impressed with Zoya polishes so far. This one has already put most of my other glitter polishes to shame. They are pricier than some others at $8 a bottle, but you seem to get more from these.
The only criticism I can make about this particular shade is that it seemed to dry closer to a true pink than it appears in the bottle, but I still ended up happy with it because all the gold glitter really sets it off.


The only other criticism I could have made was that I had no other choice than to purchase these online; but a few days after receiving my order, I found out that my Ulta had started to carry them (at least some of them). So if you have an Ulta near you, I would suggest going to check there if you want to see some shades in person.


  1. Oooh, I love this going out of the comfort zone! I feel like this is a polish I'd love in person if not so much in pics or even in the bottle.

    Btw, you have such lovely ladylike nails!

  2. Beauuutiful :-)

    Wish I had nails like that - mine are short and need healing atm so I'm trying to give them lots of TLC.


  3. Liz: That is my new favorite compliment! I've never been told that before so it really made me smile :) I've been having fun going outside the comfort zone, but I'll have to go back soon or I might through murky-withdrawal

  4. Miss A: Aw, thankyou! One of the big things I do is try to wear gloves whenever I'm doing work that might damage them. I think that prevents a lot of breaks. Other than that I try not to fuss with them too much. I used to take a Calcium supplement, too, and I could tell they got a lot stronger when I did that.


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