Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 More Things That Make Me Tick


I’ve been tagged to do another ‘facts about me’ post by two lovely Canadian beauty bloggers – Liz (Beauty Reductionista) and Tracy ((Beauty Reflections).

For this I am supposed to share 10 new facts about myself (who chose that number? that’s a lot!), so let’s see how this goes.

1. I am a (pseudo) closet gamer

Not closeted because I’m trying to hide it but because I rarely do it (other things tend to get priority in my free time) so people never guess, but I really do enjoy videos games. It all started with the Super Nintendo and Gameboy when I was around 4 or 5 (I still have both somewhere) and has grown to owning a GameCube, PlayStation 2, Wii, and Nintendo DS. A part of me is still a bit miffed that I never got to have a Sega or Nintendo 360 and my cousins did : P Not that I could compete with the best, but I’ll beat any ones butt at Mariokart Double Dash!

2. I love movies, but hate sitting in theaters

When I was younger I really enjoyed going to movie theaters, but now it makes me terribly antsy. Maybe it’s a need to always be multi-tasking, but I feel extremely unproductive sitting in a dark room full of noisy strangers eating stale popcorn. I started using Netflix as a college junior (with little free time and little money); and now, 4 years later, I think it’s one of the best things ever. I’ll still go to the theater for a film that will benefit from a large screen, but I generally stick to the Netflix. It doesn’t hurt that a one month subscription is about the same price as one movie ticket. Maybe I’ll save enough money to retire early!

3. Summer and I don’t mix

Besides summer vacation, I never enjoyed the season. While the blooming flowers are beautiful and all that, they also spur on my allergies. In addition, it’s hot, humid, and there are bugs. I would be perfectly happy to live in a state of perpetual fall or light winter. Until then I’ll enjoy my summers from behind a window – yaknow – where there’s air conditioning.

4. I can’t snap to save my life

I somehow managed to muster one when I was 5 or 6, and it hurt like hell. I’ve never managed to do it again.

5. I have no patience for high maintenance hair

While I love makeup’s small details, I really can’t be bothered to devote that much time to my hair. I get it professionally cut 2 or 3 times a year (long layers wear well over time), and it takes me under 10 minutes to dry and style it. I style it pretty much the same way every day because I like it, and it works. That’s enough to keep me happy.

6. And speaking of my hair…

I don’t dye it. I get asked at least a couple times a month by complete strangers if I do (and yes, it’s a bit awkward). But I am a natural blonde. I had it highlighted once early in high school, and I thought the process took far too long for the results so I’ve never bothered again. Many of those inquiring strangers go on to tell me about the hassles they go through to color their own hair and I always want to go, Why bother? Is your natural color that terrible? But to each their own. If it makes you happy – go forth and color!

7. I listen to songs over and over and…

Yea, I’m one of those people. I make a point not to do it around others, but I’ll put new songs on repeat if they’re catchy enough. I actually have to make a point not to do this to songs I really love so I don’t wear them out. I don’t listen to some of my favorite songs for months because of this habit.

8. I am a big time animal person

 I have a huge soft spot for animals and feel the need to take care of them. I don’t think I’ve ever not had some sort of pet in my life, and I don’t think I’d ever feel right without one.

9. I love rollercoasters

I have no interest in sky diving, cliff diving, or even diving into a pool; but any adrenaline rush that comes from some car that straps me down to the point where I can’t move and throws me around a huge metal track  – I’m all for it!

10. I have a weird interest in Egypt.

Although it’s not as intense anymore, I was borderline obsessed with Egyptian history when I was young. I almost never went to the children’s area in bookstores; I was the 5 year old checking out the world history section. What can I say? I was a weird kid. And even though it’s calmed down a lot, but I’ll still stop to watch a good  documentary on it.

Rather than formally tagging anyone, I’m just going to list some other lovely bloggers that you should know about if you don’t already. If they want to do the tag as well – fantastic :)

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**If this wasn’t enough ‘about me’ goodness, you can go back and read this post for 7 more facts.


  1. For years I thought I was the only one who didn't really enjoy summer...who knew I had kindred spirits! Nice to see you (and Tracy) feel the same way. I hate being hot, don't enjoy the bugs that come with the warm weather & get too irritated by putting on sunscreen all the time. Bring on the fall :)

  2. Thanks for doing this! I'm with you on #1 (mostly Nintendo, stopping at N64 - loved Zelda & Goldeneye), #5, #6 and #7. #10 is super interesting (lol @ "calmed down a lot"). I had a fairy tale obsession as a kid. Not the Disney kind but the original gruesome stories. I think the people w/o the special interests are the weird ones. ;)

  3. Tracy - Well, I do wear SPF every day anyway so that bit doesn't bother me, but for everything else I'm right there with you :P

  4. Liz - No problem! You knew I would end up doing it. It was just a matter of thinking of enough facts!


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