Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Murky Polish for Summer

We knew it was going to happen. I’ve been trying to go outside my comfort zone lately and break out the brighter colors, but eventually I was going to have to give into my namesake polish – Zoya’s Caitlin.


It’s a gorgeous dusty purple-grey cream polish. I’m happy to have my name on it.

The first thing I noticed on application is that it dries quite a bit darker than it appears in the bottle. This was a pleasant surprise for me (I do love my darks), but if you’re interested in this because you want the bottle shade, don’t get it.

Two coats was all I needed for opacity. It did seem to dry faster than the Zoya glitters I’ve tried, but it still does seem to take longer than other polishes. Make sure to carve out a chunk of time to apply this stuff.

When I first saw this, I really thought it would just fit into my other murky, muddy shades – that is until I compared them to each other.


These are Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Zoya’s Caitlin, and Revlon’s Stormy.

Next to these truly muddy shades Caitlin looks almost bright! It’s like Caitlin is a purple with some added grey while the other two are greys with added purple. Because of this added pop of color, I’m seeing this as a summer appropriate murky. A little extra pop to be season appropriate but still shady enough for those of us with lower thresholds for bright colors.

My only slight disappointment with this is the wear time. I’ve worn two other Zoya polishes so far – both glitters – and they’ve had amazing wear time, not really showing any damage for at least 5 days. (I did a post on Rica here). I took the Caitlin swatch photo on day 2, and you can see that the tips had already started to wear a bit, especially on my index finger. Though I don’t have enough experience with them yet to say this definitively, I’d guess that the Zoya glitters are just much stronger than the creams. I think that’s a common pattern for polishes in general, but I’d hoped Zoya’s would perform better. I may be wrong though. I have one other of their creams that I’ll try out later and see how that goes.

Overall I really love this shade. I think it’s classy and work-appropriate while still being a little interesting. This gets two polished thumbs up from me.


  1. Such a pretty color and how cool that it has your name! I could never find a product with my name LOL x

  2. How devastated would you have been if Caitlin hadn't turned out to be so pretty! I'd hate to see an ugly Liz polish. I've yet to come across Caitlin in person, but it looks amazing here! Love it!

  3. Stavroula: I thought my name was difficult to find since there are so many spelling variations, but you definitely have me beat! :P

  4. Liz: I would be completely and utterly distraught! haha No, but seriously, I would be...


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