Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sun Safety, Glass Files and Lots of Oil - Sephora Acquisitions

I swear, despite knowing exactly what will be in the box, coming home to a box from Sephora is the best. This particular order was actually spurred by an email I received from Sephora pushing a particular product (who says email marketing doesn’t work?). I don’t think I’ve addressed this on here before, but I am a sun safety freak. With very pale skin and a fear of skin cancer pushed into me at a young age, I have worn sunscreen on my face every day since I was about 13. I know – dang. This has made me something of a sunscreen connoisseur. I want no stickiness, no tackiness, no sunblock smell, and a higher SPF. Needless to say, many have not passed my test. But I still get excited about trying new ones and the possibility of finding my perfect product.

In comes the product in point.


A kit specifically designed to let you try out various sun protection products! And turn the box around and there’s more!


Be still my beating heart. Twelve sample sizes (generous enough to get a good feel for them), a mini brush to apply one of them, and a tote bag for $25. The site says it has a $147 value. I am always a tad skeptical of their cited values because they often just calculate the cumulative value of all the full-sized products and state that. After a bit of playing in Excel though (I do love a good spreadsheet), the actual value of the 12 samples (based on the amount in the sample and calculated against the full sizes) is $107.93. I don’t know how much to add in for the bag and brush, but it would come pretty close to the $147. So this is definitely value for money if you’re interested in trying these sorts of products.

And of course, never willing to pay for shipping if it’s at all possible to get around, I had to get up to $50.


Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer ($14)

I’ve been using another one of her products for awhile (promise to write about soon) and have heard a few people rave about the straight oil, so I thought I’d give it a shot. One thing I really like about her line is that she offers a few of the liquid products in smaller bottles so you can give them a try without breaking the bank (the larger size of this is $48).

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balms duo pack (limited edition) ($10)

This is another product I’ve heard a few girls rave about. After looking into it I got really interested because it has SPF 25 and has no petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates (among other things). One tube runs for $7.50, and I was about to get the single in Lemon & Chamomile when I saw they had this set (these are full-sized), so this was definitely a better deal.

Sephora Collection Glass Nail File ($8)

I was still short for free shipping, so I tried to think of something I needed or wanted that was low cost. I’ve heard for years that glass files are better for your nails, but I’ve never actually tried one so I did a search on them. The only one Sephora sells is their own brand, but the ratings were good so I went for it. Thank goodness it didn’t get broken in transit!

And the freebies -


- Pequi Oil Treatment (.5 oz) with code PEQUI (code is still active if you’re interested)
- Hampton Sun Priven Bloom eau de parfum
- L de Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum
- Prada L’eau Ambrée eau de parfum

I'm really excited to try some of these products. If there's anything you're particularly interested in seeing a review on, let me know and I'll do my best to make one.


  1. Ooooooooooooh, you got an excellent deal and some really great products! I've been watching out for that sun safety kit but those never make it to our Sephora stores. :( I'm especially curious about Supergoop since they're not sold in Canada!

    I've tried the Josie Maran Argan Oil and it's probably amazing for those with dry/normal skin. It broke me out because I'm acne-prone and oily, but the areas that weren't zit-ridden were super soft and smooth. Rats. I really wanted to like it.

  2. I saw the Sun kit in Maine when I was there last month and was sorely tempted to pick it up, its such a great buy at $25!! And excellent way to potentially find your HG sunscreen :)

    I haven't tried anything by Josie Maran but I definitely am one girl who loves the Jack Black lip balms! I hope you enjoy, the scents alone are enough to convert anyone!

  3. Liz - haha I've been curious about Supergoop for awhile, too - all because of the name :P I'm still experimenting with the oil. I think oils can be great for the skin, but you definitely have to experiment to find the right balance with them.

  4. beauty-obsessed - It really is a great deal. This is the first year I've gotten it, but I'm really excited to work my way through them all!

    That's fantastic that you love the Jack Black balms! From all that I've heard, it seems that to try them is to love them :)


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