Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Top Scent Picks for Summer

I’ll be moving in a few months and, in an attempt not to push things to the last minute, I’ve been trying to wade through my belongings and find things that I can manage to live without for awhile and go ahead and pack now.

For some things, this is easier said than done. I have a relatively large perfume collection (we won’t talk numbers yet, but it’s well into the double digits), and though I have to admit that it’s excessive, I love them. However, I had to be strong and suck it up. I can live with fewer for a bit.

After a lot of deliberating, I’ve managed to whittle down my collection to the bottles that will get me through the season while the rest are being lovingly boxed up. There are a few others in addition to these, but I thought it’d be best to focus on the ones that are still available and easily accessible.

1. L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

This fragrance carries multiple floral notes including lotus, freesia, peonies, carnations, and lilies combined with more woodsy sandalwood and cedar . I can’t distinguish any of these, but they blend together in a lovely way. This scent makes me think of a field full of wild flowers. Despite so many notes, it comes across as very crisp and clean. It smells neither young nor old; it just does its own thing. I don’t own anything else close to it, and I love it for that. This would be a good scent for someone who wants something ‘different’ while still playing it safe.

2. Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

This is my sweet fragrance. There isn’t anything that’s really exceptional about the notes, but what makes it stand out to me is that it has the right amount of sweetness. To me, a lot of the sweeter scents that girls swoon over seem overbearing and sickly sweet (I’m talking to you Aquolina Pink Sugar). This scent just walks the line of the sweetness tolerance. It wouldn’t be safe to wear on the extremely hot days (too much heat might take it over that line) but it will be nice for cooler days or in the evening.

3. The Beat by Burberry

  My first ‘real’ perfumes came from Burberry, and I still have a soft spot for their releases. What sets this one apart from its Burberry cousins are the citrus notes. While the others center more around vanilla notes, this one gets a kick from bergamot and mandarin that makes it fresher and lighter in comparison. I will say that it doesn’t seem to last as long as my other Burberrys, but that isn’t surprising considering it’s working with lighter notes.

4. Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret

I know. I know. A lot of eyes probably just rolled, but this scent is pure nostalgia for me. This was the scent in high school that all of us seemed to love, and I think anyone could still pick it out of a crowd. On top of that though, I still think it’s a nice scent. It’s a slightly sweet, fruity floral and seems to wear well on everyone. And an interesting side: every time I’ve been complimented on my perfume by a guy, I’ve been wearing this.

You probably know that VS also sells multiple other items with this scent (lotion, body splash, etc), but I only go for the perfume. The scent from the others fades too quickly. I can’t always find it on the site, but I’ve always been able to get it in-store.

5. Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

Sephora describes this as the fragrance of ultra-femininity and sensuality. The first point – probably – but I don’t follow the second. Though the description mentions notes of blackberry and sandalwood, all I get from this is a soft rose. And I’m good with that. Though to be fair, rose is one of my notes. This scent comes across too lightly to qualify as sensuous, but I think ‘feminine’ is fitting. I think this would act as a good transition fragrance – for a girl who is over smelling like cotton candy and sweet tarts looking to smell more sophisticated without making the jump to the heavier ranks of Shalimar or Chanel No. 5. This lightness is also what makes it safe for hotter days.

Though I have some other LEs, rollerballs, and (a lot) of samples to supplement, these will be my primary scent choices for the next few months. I know that even this is more than many women feel the need to have a time, but it’s a huge cut back for me. I guess we’ll see how well I get on with it.

If you had to, what’s the smallest number you could comfortably get your perfume collection down to?


  1. I only own two perfumes right now, and one of them is also Parisienne, though on me it's really fruity - I barely get any rose, which is also fine with me, as rose isn't one of my favorites. I've been looking for some new scents, but I haven't had much luck lately.

  2. I do really love L'eau D'Issey but I swear it's a staple for every single Asian girl in Toronto (and there are a LOT of them). I also really enjoyed Love Spell way back when and will look at it with a certain fondness, though I haven't sniffed at a Victoria Secret scent in a really long time. So, you're moving! I think it's a good time to indulge in samples, no? :)

  3. Larie - Are there any particular scent families or notes that you tend to prefer? I might be able to recommend something if you let me know :)

  4. Liz - haha, so I guess it's not so different there then. At least a lot of ladies there smell great though! :P I actually seem to have accumulated a lot of scent samples so maybe this will be a good opportunity to work through some of them.

  5. My all time fav scent is Michael Kors. I have been wearing it for so many years I can't even keep track!

  6. I am also a Love Spell fan and I don't care who knows it. I think it smells great on me, if I do say so myself ;)

  7. productdoctor - For all the scents I've tried, I don't think I've ever worn anything from Michael Kors. I wish I had a go-to like you! Maybe one day I'll find mine, too.

  8. Tracy D - Yes! I knew I wasn't alone!


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