Sunday, July 10, 2011

If You Don’t Like It, You Can Bite Me–Tarte’s True Blood Palette

If you were following me on twitter this time last year, you’ll already know that I’m a little obsessed with True Blood. There’s really no question about what I’m doing Sunday evenings. So when Tarte released their new True Blood themed palette – with colors that the lead makeup artist from the show helped choose – my interest was definitely piqued. I managed to hold myself back for a few days, but we all knew how this would end…

Really, I have almost no self control when it comes to some things.


Firstly, can we talk about this packaging?

From initial promotional photos, I thought the laces and texture were just images printed on the packaging, but no! There are legit laces and varying textures on this.



This obviously has no bearing on the quality of the products inside, but still – how cool is that?! I guess I’m easily entertained : P

But onto what we care about – the shadows. Bring on the photo overload!








And the swatches…


the light, fairy, dusk



dawn, werewolf, waitress, nocturnal



charmer, glamour me, stake



bayou, telepath, the true death, immortal



moss, legend, “V”

All of the shadows are very smooth and soft, however I don’t think they’re the most pigmented I’ve ever tried. A few of them – namely ‘the light’ and ‘fairy’ seem to be more about the sheen they create rather than the actual color in the pan. Most of the others needed two swipes to get solid color, but still – they can obviously be built well. And as a side note, ‘dusk’ is actually more pigmented than it appears in the photo – it’s closeness in tone to my skin did it no favors!

My personal favorites are ‘waitress’, ‘moss’, and ‘V’. But I do have to warn you, I learned today that there is major glitter fallout potential with ‘waitress’!


This also comes with a black liner, mini primer, and mascara that are stored in this little drawer.


It’s not the most practical way to package it as far as space goes, but it seems pretty typical of these sorts of palettes. It’s meant to be cute, not practical! Duh, Caitlin. I haven’t tried any of these yet, though, since I’m already working my way through some other things.


This set is my first experience with Tarte products, and so far I’m pretty pleased. It costs $52, and if you divvy that up just among the 17 shadows, it breaks down to only $3.06 per shade. I’d say pretty good value for money if you’re interested in trying out the brand. I think I still prefer some other brands for shadows to them so Tarte won’t become one of my go-to’s, but I am still glad I got this to try them out.


Is anyone else watching True Blood this season? Team Bill or Team Eric? Personally, I don’t trust either one of them!


*This is limited edition, so if you’re interested then you’d better get on top of it!

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  1. The packaging is made of win. Makes me think of Pam's Fangtasia outfits. How much did you love her studded leather jacket last ep??? And I'm definitely Team Eric and Team Alcide!

    Regarding the actual products, I was kind of interested in the cheek tint but can't say the theme drew me in too much. I don't actually want to look like anyone on the show, aside from Jessica who is stunning!


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