Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Have a Blog?

A brief update and lessons recently learned.

I know that at this point it probably seems that I have completely forgotten that I have this little space on the internet. I haven't. If you've read my ramblings from a couple of posts back, you'll already know what I've been up to. If you like my rambling and haven't read it, you can check it out here; but if you're in a hurry, here's the short version -

 I've moved. I've started graduate school. I'm a stress ball.

I had hoped I would have found a bit of free time by now, but I haven't managed to fall into a good rhythm yet so everything is still pretty hectic. However, still having part of my heart sitting with the online beauty community, I wanted to take a moment to check in and share a few quick things that I've learned over the process of moving and starting school.

 The deep life lessons -

1. I have a lot of crap.
  There is nothing like having to pack up everything you own to show you just how much stuff you've accumulated. Wrapping every bit of makeup and perfume in bubble wrap doesn't help either. As much as I love makeup (and stuff), this has shown me that I really do have more than I need.
  Although I had already been trying to be more diligent about working through things and more discriminating in new purchases, this has magnified it. I've actually done approximately the same makeup every day for the past 3 or so weeks in an effort to work through a few items. I am determined to shrink this stash!

2. Graduate school is no joke.
  This might seem like an obvious statement, but geez! Perhaps I was a bit ambitious in choosing my courses, but I'm starting to feel like graduate level professors just don't expect you to sleep. And I thought undergraduate was hard...

3. Neither is Zumba.
  I wanted to find a convenient way to get in a good workout at home since I don't really have time to devote to a gym anymore, and I wanted something fun as a distraction from coursework. I've seen a lot of great reviews for Zumba (both for the DVDs and classes) over the past few months, so I ordered this set from Amazon. Holy hell! It's a lot of fun, but by the end of the 1 hour workout, I'm disgustingly sweaty and have easily gone through 2 bottles of water. I've only gotten to do it a couple of times so I can't speak to any personal results, but I can see this easily being enough to stand in for your cardio needs if you go hard at it. And it's more fun than a treadmill!

4. A clothes steamer is both a wonderful and terrible thing.
  In an effort to save space while moving, I packed all of my clothes in space bags. While this did save a lot of space, getting all of the wrinkles out has been a huge pain. I would have gone through bottles and bottles of that wrinkle release stuff by now, so I opted for using a steamer to be a little more environmentally friendly (no discarded bottles). So over the past few weekends, I'm spent a few cumulative hours with wrinkly clothes and steam (and managed to burn myself a few times). So while the steamer has worked magnificently, once I actually get through everything (and this has shown me I have too many clothes) I'd be happy never to see a steamer again.
5. I really love the online beauty community.
  Even before this life change, I could have said that I enjoyed this community, but I didn't really realize how much. I've been a bit sad the past few weeks over not having the same amount of time and proximity to my friends and family, but I've also found that I feel sad to be out of the beauty loop on here, too. There are both bloggers and vloggers that I consistently followed, and now I have no idea what's going on with them (or what products they're loving right now : P).
  So, while I don't know when, if ever, I'll be able to work this community into my life the way I would like to, please know that the desire for it is there. I greatly appreciate my fellow beauty lovers who make time in their lives to maintain their own bits of the interweb as well as you readers who take the time visit mine.

So, on the current to-do list.
 - find a school/work/home/internet balance (wish me luck on that one)
 - figure out some things to make in a slow cooker so I can get more food variety without a ton of work
 - find someplace that makes decent sushi (!!!)
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