Friday, March 23, 2012

A Quick Check In and a Few Thoughts

It’s fitting, so I’ll begin this post the same way I started my second to last post

I obviously still haven’t found the school-online balance.

Graduate school has apparently taken over my life, but with a bit of free time today, I really wanted to jump on here and let any of you who remember me know that I’m still going as well as share a few thoughts I’ve had since I last wrote.

1. Working through products is cathartic.

I went through a stage where all I seemed to want to do was compile more makeup.  Granted a large portion of it was mid to lower quality or gotten on sale, so there wasn’t a negative financial ramification.  But it made it so that I didn’t really enjoy what I already had (it’s hard to enjoy one thing when you have multiple others that are more or less identical to it).  Now as I slowly work through what I already have, I’m finding that I get a little surge of happiness when I finish a product and either realize that I loved it and will want to eventually repurchases or that it wasn’t worth the space it took on my table and to throw it away and be done with it.

I’ve actually managed to finish all of the products I featured in this post and am now working through a new set.  Few of them warrant a full review post, but I want to mention a few things.

Sephora Blockbuster Palette: Sephora, I believe, releases a new version of this every year and I have no idea how long I’d been holding on to mine.  This monster of a thing had 8 blushes, 32 glosses, and 64 shadows.  Very much so more quality than quantity.  Although the thing isn’t officially empty, I’ll say I’m done with it.  While through most of the neutral shades, I realized that I didn’t enjoy using it.  There was just too much going on, and I didn’t like looking at so many other shades that I knew I would probably never use.  From now on, I think I’m going to stay away from these ‘tons of everything’ items. Out.

Revlon eye shadow. One of the new items I’m working through is their ColorStay quad in 02 Coffee Bean.  This is one of the items I’m currently trying to use up.  Although the shades look nice in the pan and seem they’d make a lovely neutral/smokey eye, the shadows themselves kick up a lot of powder when I go into them with a brush and the lighter shades go on more sheerly than I’d like, even with a primer.

Revlon Color Riche lipsticks: Lipsticks are an item that I managed to keep buying even though I don’t really enjoy using them.  In an attempt to power through a few tubes, I decided to keep just a couple in my bag at all times (too many options was making me never work through any one item) and not add a new one until an old one was used up.  After a few days of using these consistently, I realized my lips were getting parched.  I stopped using them, and the problem went away, so I’m going to name them the guilty culprit.  I know some people love these, but they’re out for me.

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment: Onto a winner.  I know they’re a bit expensive, not highly pigmented, and the color range isn’t wide; but for someone like me that doesn’t need a lot of lip color options and just wants a wash of color, these are perfect.  My current favorite is the Rose shade.  It has SPF 15, gives a touch of moisture, and the shade is enough to give my lips some color but not so intense that I have to have a mirror to not make a mess of myself. Win.

2. I have a love/hate relationship with Birch Box.

I did a few posts of the early boxes I received and am still a subscriber to them, but I’m really on the fence about them.  There are some months where I’m happy with what I get and others where I think I could have done a lot with $10.  Some months I think that I’ll cancel my subscription unless they shape up, and then the next month will be great.  Part of me is still considering cancelling, and part of me still wants that pink box every month. Anyone else have this dilemma?

3. Life can be surprising.

This is one of those things that seems obvious, but somehow it still manages to hit you when you actually get a surprise.  Even if we sometimes feel like we have it all figured out, sometimes we have to go with the flow when something unexpected comes along because it might lead to a place even better than where you had originally thought you’d be.

Deep moment, huh?

And onto a quick question!

I’m considering getting one of those K-cup coffee makers -specifically the Keurig Platinum B70 or Cuisinart’s SS-780PC (between these two because I can get them from Costco).  Harried mornings are leaving me wanting a quicker cup of coffee, but I’m not a fan of the instant stuff.  I see really mixed reviews between people loving them, and people who love them until they randomly stop working after a couple of months.

Does anyone have any experience with either or these or K-cup coffee makers in general? Love them? Loathe them? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry my quick check in turned into a long ramble, but I hope you are all doing well! :) Hopefully I will do better with this balance thing; but until then much love to anyone who reads through this whole schpeel and I hope you have an amazingly fantastic day.

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