About Me

Since I was young, I've had a fascination with art and beauty - be it visual, musical, or theatrical.

Despite my loves for each of these things, my obsession is obviously concentrated in one area - makeup. I was young when I started playing with cosmetics; and I soon realized that not only did it provide another outlet in which to play with color, but it also allowed a person to change who they were (at least until it was washed off). I have scoured through many books on techniques and makeup application and have had years of practice so, while not a professional, I'd like to think that I'm not too shabby at it myself now.

I was unaware until a few months ago of the extensive beauty community on the internet. I was searching for reviews on a beauty product and eventually found myself at a youtube video review. Since then I've found myself quite enthralled with the youtube beauty community and watch many videos on tutorials, reviews and the like.

I find the idea of being able to easily share advice and discoveries of new products with other interested people very appealing, so I've decided to make this blog where I can jot down thoughts and knowledge I have about cosmetics and other things beauty related where anyone can find it.

A few things you should know about me if you find this blog:

I don't believe beauty has to be expensive. While I am aware of the quality difference between products from drugstores and those from department stores, I know that the same looks can be achieved with both if the right steps are taken. This also means I greatly appreciate finding out a product is not worth its cost before I spend my own money on it.

I think that anyone can do makeup well. When I say this, I am not necessarily referring to the very artistic application sometimes used in editorial work. I believe that there is a level of artistic ability that a person is born with to be able to do that. Saying anyone can be an amazing makeup artist would be like saying anyone can be a great painter. However, anyone can apply liquid eyeliner perfectly, create a dramatic smoky eye, or get the perfect red lip with the correct knowledge and enough practice and patience.

Beauty is individual. Not every look nor every product will work for every person. Colors that work on me may not be flattering on someone else. A product that works on my skin may not work for someone else's. What this means? Nothing written (or said) by myself (or anyone else) should be taken as law. I will always be honest about my opinions and will try to be as informative as I can, but it is still in the reader's (or viewer's) hands to evaluate how well a product will work for them.

If anyone should find this blog, I hope it proves helpful or informative to someone; and if it doesn't, at least I tried.

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